About Me

My name is Rafael Alvarado Emmanuelli, I'm a programmer and a designer. There is a great rift in this industry between those two groups. This rift does not exist for me. My passion for creating beautiful, fully interactive work extends through both sides. I have a strong belief that any boundaries we have are self-imposed. There is satisfaction to be found in both of these equally-important roles, and I plan on conquering them both.


Java, C Sharp, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3


Backbone, jQuery, Node.js, Webpack, RequireJS, React


MySQL, Firebase


IntelliJ, Visual Studio, Unity3D, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max

education & experience

The following represents my experience timeline.

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2012 - Present

Software Engineer


Experience developing mobile applications for multiple different devices. Experience working on single page JavaScript applications and components.

2000 - Present

Software Engineer & Design Technologist

Freelance Contractor

As a freelancer I work on various types of projects. From frontend and backend to graphic design, usually a combination of both.


Software Developer

Technologic Valley

Technical Lead for research, design and development of mobile software. Developed multiple children’s educational Android application for Grupo Santillana.


Web Developer

Caribe Shore Developments

Responsible for creating and maintaining the company website.


Lead Web & Graphic Designer

Spin Studios

Developed a diverse set of web projects for large scale organizations, providing video stream implementation, real-time song vote tracking, advertising implementations and more.


Graphic Designer

Affordable Image

Designed stationery products for a number of clients. Designed and updated local magazine.


Bachelor of Arts in Design and Animation

University of Advancing Computing Technology

Studied various design related courses such as color theory, animation, virtual reality and 3D modeling and animation using 3D Studio Max, Maya and Alias Wavefront.


Central Visual Arts Highschool

Joined the architectural program. My studies were to understand the basics in architectural design such as creating floor plans, perspectives, illustration and final physical mock up of the structure.

My complete resume, downloadable in PDF format.